4 armed men sighted, triggers panic in Mercedes PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 September 2013 11:30

Hundreds of residents of Mercedes were thrown into panic and many abandoned their homes after four gunmen were sighted at the riverbank in the interior portion of Blue Island,.The four suspected MNLF gunmen allegedly set on fire a house last Saturday night.

Vivian Carpio told the police that she and her two children were inside their house before 8 p.m. and were about to change their clothes when one of her kinds told her that there were four persons walking along the riverbank.

Vivian said when she peeped outside, she saw four men, two of whom armed with rifles ,coming from a dimly lit area and approaching their house.

She said that one of the men lobbed something that fell on their nipa roof which triggered a fire. At this point, Vivian dragged her two children and jumped from the window. They ran towards the main road of Mercedes near Blue Homes Subdivision.

The incident happened when Vivian’s husband was buying some items from a store outside the main road.

When policemen arrived at the scene, the four men were no longer in the area.

The incident sent hundreds residents fleeing their houses. —  Dan Toribio Jr.