No inhuman treatment of arrested MNLFs — police PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 11:12

Police have denied rumors that the arrested MNLF members were not given humane treatment by the government.

This after reports circulating in the city including in social media that the arrested MNLF members were not given humane treatment and government forces are subjecting the rebels to some maltreatment.

A report from the Police Regional Office disclosed that no less than Police Director General Alan Purisma, Chief, Philippine National Police ,upon his arrival in Zamboanga City, reiterated to the ground commanders to observe Police Operational Procedures while in the pursuit of these rebels, that is to faithfully observe the rule of law; and uphold the rights of victims and all individuals, including criminals.

Such that, Purisima reminded the law enforcers that in all police intervention operations, “every PNP personnel shall first and foremost, be mindful and considerate of the protection of every citizen’s honor, human rights and safety in the pursuit of its responsibility of law enforcement and mission accomplishment.”

Police Regional Information Officer Chief Insp. Ariel Huesca disclosed that the arrested MNLF rebels were properly informed of their constitutional rights as arrested persons upon their arrest and they were subjected to proper medical examination.

Huesca added that they (arrested MNLFs) were provided with appropriate food and day-to-day sustenance, and  in fact, in one instance, food intended for PNP personnel who were in the middle of firefighting and whose food rations can no longer be given, were handed to the arrested MNLF members.

To prove further, the paramount consideration of the government in transferring the arrested MNLF rebels  to the San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm is to protect and ensure their welfare and to decongest them,” Huesca said.

Police also assured the families and friends of the arrested MNLF rebels that they don’t have to worry of how the MNLF members will be treated, because everything will be done in accordance and in compliance with existing law “and our government troops are fully aware of these,” Huesca said. – Dan Toribio Jr.