Yakan MNLFs forced by Malik to join firefight; 2 killed for not obeying order PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 11:12

Surrendered Yakan members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) told police investigators during tactical interrogations that they are innocent and unaware of the plan of Ustadz Habier Malik in carrying out violent atrocities in the city on the day the standoff broke out on September 9.

A press statement issued by Police Regional Director Chief Supt. Juanito Vaño which was released by Police Regional Information Officer Chief Insp. Ariel Huesca disclosed that during interrogations,  the Yakan MNLF members, specifically coming from Basilan, consistently maintain that they came here for a “peace rally”, and they were promised P10,000 each by Malik after the rally.

The press statement said the Yakan MNLFs agreed to travel with Commander Malik to Zamboanga City and to the extent sold almost all their belongings in order to have money to defray their expenses.

But the Yakan MNLF members told the police that they were surprised to what has actually happened when they arrived here, shocked with their senses, for instead of a “peace Rally”, they were issued high-powered firearms.

Confused of their predicament and being caught in the middle,  the Basilan based MNLFs also fought the government forces as they felt that they have no more choice and joined what was clearly now, an attack on Zamboanga City, the PRO9 press statement said.

However, as they were firing their guns, a realization of the consequences of the attack and its futility as well as the deception employed by Malik have come upon them.

“They have decided to stop the fight and cease firing, unfortunately, repeated attempts by the Yakan group, to contact the government and state their opposition to Malik’s action, had failed, as the fighting in many fronts advanced rapidly,” a police official said.

Given no choice, they (Yakan MNLFs) decided to escape, as they believe that it was the only option left for them, to break away from the real attackers, according to the police.

Their insistence to return to Basilan and refusal to obey orders from Malik to continue the fight ignited his anger, the Yakan MNLFs said..

The Yakan group, greatly dismayed of the situation and of their having been deceived, tried to escape , but they were prevented by men of Malik and their attempt to escape failed .

Police said that at this point, Malik subsequently ordered his men to disarm the Yakan group and two of them were shot and killed amid the gunfight with government troops.

“The extent of destruction, to both human lives and properties may not be conclusive at this time, but we are confident of victory as we await the last nail in the coffin,” Vaño said.

“We do not desire a recurrence in the future, so we beg the general public to be extra vigilant in their surroundings and to report to the proper authorities of any unusual or suspicious activities in their areas or wherever they may be, to prevent a repeat of the recent events and contribute to the peace and order of Zamboanga City,” Vaño appealed. – Dan Toribio Jr.