ZCCFI advises residents to be alert for bombs PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 September 2013 11:13

Philippine National Police (PNP) Police Community Relations Group director Chief Supt. Sonny Yanga David through the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (ZCCIFI)  has advised the public to increase awareness of what might become a new approach of violence towards the city and its residents from “unfriendly forces who came to attack the city on September 9.

“It will be remembered that on September 16 a car parked on the street near the Ateneo was blown up. It was initially believed the car was hit by a mortar shell fired from the conflict area. On investigation it was determined that the car was blown up, not by a mortar shell, but by an Improvised Explosive Device ( IED)  which must have been placed underneath the vehicle,” said advisory issued by ZCCIFI.

Three days after this incident a bus in Labuan exploded, caused by another IED which was left aboard the bus.    Investigation has shown that  the bomb used in the car and the one in the bus had the same signature. The bus bombing left 3 people dead.

“The general public is warned to be on the alert for what appears to be an unattended package or seemingly innocent looking container of familiar food brands. An IED can be activated  in two ways - when it is moved or by remote control using a cell phone or similar device. When such a package is seen call the police right away; do not attempt to move it yourself.  And keep other people away until the police have taken care of the matter. You can save yourself from being hurt by being alert,” said the ZCCIFI advisory.