CMC allows ZC-Bongao boat trip PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 September 2013 13:06

The Crisis Management Committee (CMC) yesterday allowed one passenger vessel trip to ply the route of Zamboanga-Bongao and vice versa starting September 25, according to Lt. Jr. Grade Jomark Anggue of the Philippine Coast Guard.

In a meeting with the Philippine Ports Authority, shipping line operators, ZCIPSI, MARINA and the Zamboanga Harbor Pilots, Anggue emphasized that only vessels plying the Zamboanga-Bongao and Bongao-Zamboanga (direct) routes are given the green light to sail. There will be one trip per day both for passengers and cargoes; with departure time set at 5:00 p.m. Aleson Shipping Lines will be the sole service provider for this route, as no other shipping companies have applied for a special permit with MARINA to service the riding public.

PPA and PCG will be imposing strict security procedure to screen embarking and disembarking passengers.  Travelers to Bongao will have to arrive at the city port’s R.T. Lim Boulevard gate three (3) hours before the departure time, so that they may be properly screened and brought via shuttle service to the Passenger Terminal Building-I. After the second security screening is made at the terminal, the passengers will be shuttled next to the vessel for boarding. The vessel will depart at the exact time. Passengers will have to present valid identification to be issued boat tickets. Persons without proper IDs will not be allowed entry into the port, but will instead be directed to the nearby PNP kiosk for further processing. The Corcuera Street access point to the port will remain closed.

Disembarking passengers from Bongao will be shuttled from the vessel to a designated area outside of the port. All armed passengers must have the proper documents for carrying their firearms. Individuals who cannot present the necessary papers, such as a mission order to carry a weapon for military personnel, will have to be brought to the Zamboanga City Police Office for processing.

Port Manager Engr. Liberto C. Dela Rosa reiterated the fact that PPA is dependent upon the discretion of the Crisis Committee and the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) in allowing the resumption of regular trips. — Karen Rivero/PIO-Designate