DSWD clarifies issue on food delivery PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 27 September 2013 12:49

The Department of Social Welfare and Development-Region-9 yesterday admitted that it has indeed declined the food packs delivered by a particular food provider because of non-compliance to the set of standards on food deliveries. The issue was raised by the service provider at a radio radio station in the city.

Assistant Secretary Teodulo Romo, who is in charge of maintaining the operations center for food distribution to evacuees, explained that he personally declined the food packs because they contained “Lumpiang Shanghai.” Assistant Secretary Romo further explained that the food delivery is unacceptable bacause “Lumpiang Shanghai” is commonly known to contain pork.

Majority of the evacuees are Muslims. They will get offended if we serve Lumpiang Shanghai. Even if the Lumpiang Shanghai contains chicken, it would be difficult to convince the evacuees that it is made of chicken meat because they know that lumpiang shanghai is commonly made of pork, ” Assistant Secretary Romo said.

Assistant Secretary Romo added that the food agreed upon to be supplied is chicken or any food but not pork or with pork ingredients.

On the issue that the price of the food packs is padded, Assistant Secretary Romo urged the complainant to present documents that would support such claim.

“Kindly show documents to prove that there is irregularity in our transactions so we can initiate an investigation,” Assistant Secretary Romo pointed out.

On the other hand, Assistant Secretary Romo also explained that the DSWD set-up an operations center in a commercial food establishment citing that the area is strategically located near the grandstand evacuation center, is clean, safe, and has wider space.

“Based on our assessment and ocular inspection, we believe that this is the most suitable place for our operations. Other places would pose difficulty for us,” Assistant Secretary Romo ended.