Beng remembers heroes of Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 28 September 2013 13:46

As the crisis enters a crucial phase with the government troops’ continued clearing operations, Mayor Beng Climaco took time to remember and honor the sacrifices of people – military and civilian alike – who gave their lives for the cause of peace and freedom.

“Words are not enough to thank them and their families for their selflessness and dedication,” said Climaco during the press briefing Thursday, September 26, and shared the stories of 2Lt. Florencio Mikael Meneses, a 27-year-old officer who died during clearing operations last Saturday, and Norma Gonzalez Lladones, a civilian who volunteered to feed troops and was felled by a mortar.

“Heroism is alive and we honor them,” added Climaco.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in approximately 35 casualties, 180 wounded in action and the displacement of over 18,000 families.

Financially, the 18-day has cost the City a total loss of over P5 billion, yet Climaco remains grateful for the united front presented by the City and its residents.

“What comforts us is the fact that Zamboanga, amidst the adversities, remain united,” she said.

Driven by a common purpose to restore normalcy, several major establishments within the City’s commercial district have opened. Thirty commercial banks and most regional offices outside affected areas have resumed operations, albeit with limited banking hours.

While eager to see the end of the crisis, Climaco requests residents for more patience and to take action that are “rooted in realities”.

“Like all of you, cun ansias ya gayot para tiene resolucion este crisis,” she said. The Mayor emphasized that no order has been given to residents to return to Rio Hondo and Mariki as these areas remain restricted due to ongoing clearing operations.

“I call for everyone to continuously pray for each day that we need to face. This crisis taught us to be faithful, to be patient and to be persevering. Our patience is tested but we need to hold on. We cannot give up, we are are not giving up,” declared Climaco. — Jasmine Mohammadsali