Funds raised via RMN for reward on Malik PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 September 2013 12:40

Indignant Zamboangueños and listeners of Tatak RMN Zamboanga yesterday joined a fund raising campaign called “piso-piso” to come up with a reward for the capture of MNLF commander Ustadz Habier Malik.

DXRZ 900 Tatak RMN listeners voiced their anger on Malik who remains at large and nowhere to be found as government officials could not say on his real status as exchange of gunfire continued between the MNLF group and government troops.

The fund raising was initiated by one of RMN’s listeners who proposed that people should contribute any amount for reward to fasttrack the neutralization of Malik.

In just few seconds, another listener expressed support to the proposal and several other listeners and televiewers, including those working abroad, pledged to give some amount of money.

Some of the listeners and viewers made pledges, while others personally went to the RMN radio station at Pilar Street to give their contribution.

It turned out that many Zamboangueños are angry and eager to see Malik behind bars for his atrocities that have brought deaths, destruction of properties and displacement of more than 100,000 people.

The management of RMN-Zamboanga disclosed that they will turn over the collected money to the government as reward to anybody or group who will neutralize Malik. — Dan Toribio Jr.