Death toll in Zambo City fighting: 18 soldiers, 5 cops, 12 civilians PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 October 2013 10:52

Authorities have released the identities of all policemen, soldiers and civilians killed in the infamous Zamboanga City standoff.

The fighting killed 5 policemen, 18 soldiers and 12 civilians.

The slain policemen are: Insp. Jay Oy-Oyan, PO2 Chirstian Hernaez, PO3 Murphy Abilani, PO2 Lawin Salisa and PO2 Enrique Afable.

Soldiers killed in action are: PFC Jose Audrey Banares, (PN), PFC Julmulin Abdulahid, (PN), PFC Jeffrey Castillo, (PN), Cpl. Mark Himson Caranzo, (PA), Cpl. Michael Baltazar, (PA), PFC Alvin Dayna, (PA), Pvt. Sergio Buagas, (PA), Cpl. Allan Camerino, (PA), PFC Jay Olivar, (PA), 1Lt. John Christopher Rama, (PA), SSgt. Josefino Servilla, (PA), 2Lt. Florencio Mikael Meneses, (PA), 1Lt. Francis Damian, (PA), Cpl. Jesichris Reyes, (PA), Cpl. Joseph Custodiio, (PA), Cpl. Eduardo Saguing, (PN), PFC Efren Pareñas, (PN) and PFC Juffel Olaer.

Civilian fatalities are: Bernie Saavedra Electrora, Henry Salasain, Francisco Macrohon, Bakir Daud, Victor Manual Fabian, Reymundo Cepada Jr., Joemi Eitahn Ando, 2, Norma Lladones, Ruben Limen, Artlouie Giupio, Allan Santiago Kahil and Sherwin Manalo.

The list of fatalities was released by the DOH’s Center for Health Development.

The fighting also wounded 179 soldiers, 15 policemen and 72 civilians

A total of 207 MNLF fighters  were killed and 252 were captured while 24 surrendered. — – Dan Toribio Jr.