CMC OKs resumption of regular boat trips PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 October 2013 11:30

The Crisis Management Committee (CMC) on Tuesday finally approved the resumption of regular trips for sea travel, according to Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) Port Manager Liberto C. Dela Rosa.

After a month of irregular port operations brought about by the Zamboanga City Crisis, PPA is invigorated to return to its regular port operations to serve the port community and the riding public. During the intense weeks of the Crisis, the CMC had prohibited the departure and arrival of vessels due to security risks.  Later on, the Committee gradually approved one trip per day for passenger vessels, and with the restriction that no night time arrivals or departures must be made. With the CMC travel restrictions lifted, passenger vessel trips are now back to its regular schedule, with as many as fifteen (15) vessels departing the port per day, and with  departures and arrivals scheduled during evenings and at dawn.

However, PPA will continue its strict security procedure to screen embarking and disembarking passengers.  Outgoing passengers will have to allot three (3) hours in their itinerary for proper screening at the Passenger Terminal Building-I.

Travelers will have to arrive at the city port’s R.T. Lim Boulevard gate three (3) hours before the departure time, so that they may be properly screened and brought via shuttle service to the Passenger Terminal Building-I. After the second security screening is made at the terminal, the passengers will be shuttled next to the vessel for boarding. The vessel will depart at the exact time. Passengers will have to present valid identification to be issued boat tickets. Persons without proper IDs will not be allowed entry into the port, but will instead be directed to the nearby PNP kiosk for further processing.

The Corcuera Street access point to the port will remain closed until Monday, October 14. Starting this date, all passengers will have only one (1) access point through the port at the Corcuera Street gate. The R.T. Lim Boulevard access point will be utilized solely for cargo entry; no passenger, either on foot or in private vehicles, will be allowed to access the port through the R.T. Lim Boulevard gate. Meanwhile, incoming passengers will be shuttled from the vessel to the inner gate near PTB-I.

Shipping Line Operators (SLOs) have been providing their very own shuttle service to ferry passengers safely within the port premises. Port Manager Dela Rosa is grateful for the cooperation that SLOs have demonstrated, especially during the trying times of the Crisis. Dela Rosa said, “The entire port community has shown how united it is by ensuring the safety of the riding public. With the cooperation and involvement of everyone, we intend to continue keeping the port facility safe and secure.”  Karen Rivero/PIO-Designate