Beng cites youth’s role in climate change solutions PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 01 March 2011 16:28

With the youth considered as the most vulnerable sector to the impact of climate change, Deputy Speaker for Beng Climaco has proposed to give them a major role in raising awareness and promoting sustainable solutions to the climate change dilemma.

Cong. Climaco, who is District I Representative, said it is this vulnerability which necessitates an effective national         response from government, environmental groups and private organizations in coordination with the youth sector that she called the “inheritors of the future generation.”
Climaco filed House Bill No. 1711 that seeks to amend Republic Act 9729, or the Climate Change Act of 2009, to include the youth in the composition of the Climate Change Commission, which implements plans and programs to address climate change in the context of sustainable development.

“The importance of youth participation, having a climate change action plan and defining the role of the youth in the fight against climate change should be top priority,” Climaco said.
Climaco cited Principle #21 of the 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, which states that the “creativity, ideals and courage of the youth of the world should be mobilized to forge a global partnership in order to achieve sustainable development and ensure a better future for all”.

Climaco’s bill provides that the chairperson of the National Youth Commission (NYC) would act as its representative and would be added to the commission’s advisory board composition, amending Section 5 of RA 9729.

The bill likewise tasks the NYC to facilitate and provide training programs for the youth on climate change, designed to educate them on different adaptation and mitigation measures through environmental policy formulation and project management and implementation.

“It is only imperative that the government must give importance to the youth. There must be a youth representation and participation in addressing various environmental issues of our country,” Climaco said.

The government has been advocating greater youth participation and visibility, especially in matters which directly affect them.

To empower themselves, youth organizations conduct or participate in trainings, fora and other similar activities to arm themselves with the necessary tools to raise their awareness, identify the different problems affecting them and formulate strategies which could help them mitigate and adapt to such situations. — Allan Richard R. Martillo, MRS-PRIB