Navy personnel undergo training for modern combat ship operations PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 October 2013 11:45

With the modernization of the Philippine Navy (PN), Commodore Jose Renan C. Suarez, commander of PN’s Patrol Force, has announced that trainings and specialized instructions on how to handle modern combats ships are now being given to its officers and enlisted men.

He added that some PN personnel are also being sent abroad to get hands-on instruction on how to use these ships effectively.

Suarez also stressed that “subject matter experts” are invited from time-to-time to ensure that all PN personnel are updated in the latest developments in combat ship operations and techniques.

He added that the PN is also busy updating its operational doctrines.

Suarez said that this is very important as this will determine how the Navy will go about in using and deploying its assets in defending the country.

He said the updates are about 60 to 70 percent completed.

Suarez stressed that this is being done through the invitation of subject matter experts and communications with other navies.

Suarez earlier said the two brand-new frigates which the Department of National Defense is acquiring for P18-billion are definitely more superior and heavily armed than the two Hamilton-class cutters in PN service.

He added that ships are equipped with radar, sonar, and electronic warfare systems and can engage airborne, surface and underwater threats simultaneously.

Aside from these surveillance and detection equipment, the frigates are also armed with anti-ship and anti-air missiles and a main gun capable of firing 120 rounds per minute aside from a torpedo system.

As of the moment, the Hamilton-class cutters in Philippine service are only armed with a 76mm main gun which can fire 60 to 80 rounds per minute.

Suarez said that these ships are part of the PN’s “Navy Frigate Program” which has a timeline of 2013 to 2017.

He added that these ships are designed with numerous upgrades cycle to ensure that they will remain relevant and competitive against new vessels coming in line.

Suarez said that these ships will greatly enhanced PN’s capabilities to defend the country’s vast maritime territories.