New standard plate number set to be implemented on January PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 October 2013 11:05

The Land Transportation Office has directed all LTO regional offices nationwide to implement the new standard plate number for motorvehicles on January 2014.

LTO-9 Director Aminola P. Abaton said that the implementation of the new standard plate number was supposed to be implemented on September this year, but it did not push through due to some  administrative procedure changes.

The new standard plate number is only intended for a motorvehicle registered with LTO.  Once it is installed, it can not be removed and  transferred to another motorvehicle because it will be broken and damaged.

Motorvehicle owners who have already registered or renewed their registration or those who want to renew their unit to this date,  will be given a temporary authorized plate number issued by the different LTO District Offices in the region. Once they are issued with authorized plate number by the district office, the vehicle owners can drive their units and will not be caught and penalized by the Law Enforcers Division for violation of the “ No Plate No Travel Policy”.

Abaton further said that all regional directors nationwide will attend the Regional Director Conference at the LTO Central Office on October 24-25 to discuss the new schedule for the implementation of the new standard plate number. — Allen abastillas