Darul iftah leads consensus building among Muslim IDPs PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 26 October 2013 11:01

The Muslim house of edict or Darul iftah invokes its authority and takes responsibility to facilitate the consultative processes and the gathering of opinions of the various stakeholders of Muslim communities in Zamboanga City, especially those affected by the recent conflict, on their desires and aspirations on their present predicament.

In a Multistakeholders’ consultative meeting held on Thursday, October 24, 2013 at the Azenith Royal Hotel, Darul Iftah has mandated its Crisis Management Committee [DI-CMC]to lead in the series of consultations on the situations and to facilitate consensus-building on possible moves to resolve the ongoing problem of displacement and the uncertainty of resettlement among mostly Muslim IDPs of barangays Rio Hondo, Mariki, Santa Catalina and Santa Barbara.

“Darul Iftah Crisis Management Committee is merely a facilitative body that gathers the consensus of the ‘raakyat’ [Muslim constituents],” said Sheikh Wakil Kasim, the CMC Information Officer who was at the same time the presiding chair of the consultative assembly.

“The Darul Iftah – Crisis Management Committee takes on this responsibility as rightly guided by the Quranic injunction to conduct our affairs through consultation  [Surah 42:38],” Sheikh Kasim added.

“Through these consultations we hope to draw out recommendations and proposals to help resolve the issue. So far, the common consensus we have arrived is that all stakeholders agree to the call for no to relocation whether permanent or temporary, and instead we call on all to support the move for immediate return of the IDPs to their original abodes and to help in the re-development of their communities.,” Sheikh Kasim revealed.

“We will dialogue with the local government and present the proposals of the people. We are also looking forward that  City hall will be open to our offer for conversations.”

The Azenith hotel assembly was attended by barangay local government officials and IDPs themselves. — Mucha Lahaman Quiling/Mindanews-Sambuwangan