Celso, Lilia, push for probe on Zamboanga City attack PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 26 October 2013 11:05

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat hinted about a joint push between him and his counterpart, 2nd District Congresswoman Lilia Nuño for congress to conduct an inquiry on the infamous September 9 Zamboanga attack by Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) rebels loyal to Nur Misuari.

This, after Nuño recently proposed a bill asking the House of Representatives to probe that rebel adventurism, that cost hundreds of lives from among the rebels, government forces, and a dozen of civilians, and rendered thousands of residents from five affected barangays homeless.

Lobregat said the objective of the proposed inquiry is not to find fault, but rather trace why such incident happened so fast, leaving all civilian victims on a very helpless situation, some even got killed, while several others became hostage.

“That is why as early as July 30, or approximately more than a month before the attack, I have delivered a privilege speech in congress urging the national government, through the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), to address the legitimacy of the grievances of the MNLF under (Chairman) Nur Misuari, following the latter’s earlier declaration of independence in Sulu, and apparent show of force here in Zamboanga City,” Lobregat said in an interview with RPN-Zamboanga.

Lobregat explained that Nuño’s resolution is the exact detailed action of what his speech’s real intention was, “so our concerted moves of Congresswoman Nuño can now compel the government to determine where it failed, thus, had left Zamboanga City to what it is now”.

At the same time, the former mayor-turned lawmaker defended Mayor Beng Climaco from negative insinuations that the latter while sitting as crisis management council (CMC) chairperson,  did not exert effort in conducting dialogues with the rebels, then headed by Habier Malik, to prevent the destruction of lives and properties, prior to the bloody encounters.

“Mayor Beng even called Nur (Misuari) and asked him to halt whatever plan they have against the city, but the MNLF founding chairman admitted to her that he was no longer in control of Malik. On the other hand, when the mayor spoke to Malik, the latter was in turn referring her back to Misuari as the rightful person to talk to. Since it appeared that there was really no intention from the enemy side to negotiate, a military action has then become inevitable,” the solon concluded. — Philip Abuy