Kagawad shot dead in Basilan poll violence Print
Tuesday, 29 October 2013 11:03

A barangay kagawad was shot by a gunman on the day of the barangay election yesterday in Tipo-Tipo town, Basilan.

Hj Faizal Mohammad, 59, of Barangay Bohe Lebbung, Tipo-Tipo, was on his way to cast his vote when an unknown assailant stopped him, engaged him in a heated argument, and later shot him.

In another incident, an unidentified voter snatched at 12:50 p.m. the ballot box of Precinct 51A and 51B in Barangay Bohesuyak of the town of Ungkaya Pukan, basilan. The voter fled towards Barangay Matarling, according to a police report.

A separate incident in Lamitan City also prompted a teacher serving as chairperson of the Board of Election Tellers (BET) to “withdraw” from the polling center.

“At about 7:15 am of October 28, 2013, a commotion transpired at Barangay Bulanting Hall Polling Center, Sitio Lebe, Bulanting, Lamitan City, Basilan. Mrs Nasiha A. Jamiri – BET chairman of said polling place — decided to withdraw and proceeded to Lamitan City Hall,” reads the military situation report.

The military also reported two other incidents in Basilan – harassment in Barangay Ibbu in Lamitan City and indiscriminate firing in Barangay Tong-umus in the town of Tabuan-Lasa. The military is still investigating if they are election-related.