Media urged to help inform folks on healthy food, danger of smoking PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 October 2013 11:08

The Department of Health regional office-9 sponsored yesterday a seminar for media practioners on smoking and Health and nutritional matters.

Held at the Marcian Garden Hotel, the half -day seminar was dubbed as“ Media Seminar on Health Issues 101: Smoking and Health and 2013 Nutritional Guidelines”.

During the seminar,  Dr. Ma. Agnes Z. Mabolo of the DOH 9-Center for Health Development appealed to newsmen to help disseminate  information on the importance for people  to eat more fruits , vegetables, eat the right food and  keep on exercising regularly  to stay healthy physically and mentally as cases of malnutrition are rampant in the region.

Mabolo also appealed to the Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory  Board to remind transportation operators to advise their drivers, conductors and  commuters not to smoke aboard jeepneys and buses because second-hand smoke or inhaling a cigarette smoke from smokers is very dangerous to health.

Mabolo explained that most common diseases today like cancer, diabetes, pulmonary diseases, cardiac arrest, are caused by excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food and malnutrition. — Allen Abastillas