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Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:36

Using the inspiring theme: From Ground Zero to Ground of Hope, the Silsilah Dialogue Movement brought together members and friends to Harmony Village from Nov. 8 – 10, 2013 for a renewal of commitment for dialogue and peace, to share stories of commitment from participants especially in critical situations like the Zamboanga siege and to prepare for the 30th anniversary of Silsilah on 2014 which has as theme:  Dialogue as Love in Action, Silence and Harmony.

Speakers invited to give messages of Hope included Councilor Myra Paz V. Abubakar who represented Mayor Isabelle Climaco Salazar, Engr. Efren Arañez of the Friends of the Watershed. Mrs. Janet Recamara, Head of Values Education of the Division Office who represented Mr. Pedro Melchor M. Natividad, Schools Division Superintendent, Department of Education; and Dr. Erlinda C. Espinosa, Director of Silsilah Media Center for Dialogue and Peace.

Below is the Message of Hope delivered by Dr. Espinosa:

“One dark morning more than two months ago, some of us woke up to the sound of guns and the cries of neighbors and friends who watched helplessly as their houses were reduced to ashes.  Today, after more than two months, after so much has been said and written about the horror, after so much anger has been verbalized and too many tears shed, after so much pain has been felt and agony experienced, and so much peace and beauty lost, we had to realize and accept that into each life some rain must fall.  After the bullets and the fire, the rain did fall, the whole day and the whole night for many days and many nights, until the dark waters rose in the lakes, and the rivers and the fields.  And we wondered why because nothing like these has happened in our recent Zamboanga history and memory.

“Today the grim reminders of the bullets, fire and flood continue to haunt us through the bullet riddled walls of buildings, through the despair and hunger of the evacuees that wait to be resettled, through the burned miseries of Sta. Catalina, Sta. Barbara, Talon-Talon and through Mampang and the deep mud in Tugbungan, San Jose Gusu, Culianan, San Roque and other barangays.

“Today the guns are silent, the fires are gone, the waters have receded and we talk of coming together, working together determined with hope and love to recapture the beauty of the way it was and the way we were.   Today, we release the anger and the pain in whispers, we control the tears from welling in our eyes and the heartaches from exploding in our breasts because we know, with the help of Almighty God and the leadership of our earnest and hard working government officials, there is so much to hope for and so much to live for in the Zamboanga that we love.

“Alexander Pope, the 18th century poet said: Hope springs eternal in the human breast.  Man never is, but always to be blest.

“ Hope is the desire and expectation of fulfillment and success. That is why hope is the one thing we must never let go.  Because it is the one thing that comes with the sunrise, the one thing that will encourage and strengthen us to pursue our dreams, the one thing that will make the flowers bloom again and the birds sing again and the rainbows appear in the skies again.

“With this hope alive in our hearts and the love and protection of the Beloved Lady of Pilar, we can trust that the sun will shine brightly in Zamboanga again, and the Zamboangueños will smile again con mucho amor y con todo Corazon.

Levanta Zamboanga!

Muchisimas Gracias!”