Police, TFZ troops intensify security efforts in Zambo PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 14 November 2013 14:23

As the main security force in the city, the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) and the Task Force Zamboanga (TFZ) continue to intensify their efforts on the ground to maintain the security of Zamboanga City and its residents during the post-crisis rehabilitation phase.

In a press brief Tuesday, November 12, ZCPO OIC PSSupt Dennis Basngi said the measures taken by their forces to improve security, which include the establishment of three permanent checkpoints. As an added security measure, random checkpoints are conducted, while curfew hours are strictly enforced by the City Police force.

In response to the grenade explosion incident in Ayala which killed two residents, and wounded Ayala barangay chairman Diosterides Librero and 10 others, police forces are exerting all efforts to apprehend the suspects and resolve the case, said Basngi.

Meanwhile, forces under the TFZ have been deployed in strategic areas to anticipate possible threats and infiltrations.

“The areas in Rio Hondo, Talon-Talon and Mampang have been secured by the Philippine Marines,” said TFZ Chief Col. Adrolino Colina, in order to fend off threats that may come from Tictabon and Basilan.

Amidst continued reports of sightings of hostile elements, the ZCPO and TFZ assured that reports and messages circulating via SMS are being looked into and verified. The most recent sighting report in the Mampang was duly investigated by security forces, but both Bangsi and Colina said the investigation showed no signs of intrusion and no traces of armed men were discovered.

“Just the same, we maintain the alertness of our troops at a very high level,” assured Colina. He also added that security has also been heightened, intensified and reinforced in San Ramon as the presence of the MNLF detainees present a possible threat.

With the exception of the reported sighting in Mampang, the situation in the City is normal, said Colina.

“Everything is normal and our troops are on top of the situation here as far as security is concerned,” he said.

Since October 23, the ZCPO and TFZ have taken over the responsibilities of security enforcement in the City, and despite the challenges, they remain confident that they can respond threats, address the needs of the residents and continue maintaining the security in the City.

“Despite of the so many challenges that your police is facing, we are confident that we can overcome most, if not all of it, with the able support of the community,” said Basngi.

“With the ZCPO, we assure everyone that we can address any threat that might emerge as we go on with our day to day activities in the City,” added Colina. — Jasmine Mohammadsali