City dad on a tree planting crusade PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 21 November 2013 13:13

District 1 Councilor Luis ‘Noning’ Biel III has vowed to personally resort to barangay-hopping, planting variety of trees along riverbanks in a bid to awaken Zamboangueños to be more serious this time in caring for the environment.

Biel, who has been known as an advocate for tree planting in Zamboanga City, is using as a basis the catastrophic destruction of Tacloban City in Leyte, and many other provinces in the Visayas that also cost thousands of lives.

“This catastrophe is surely a wrath of nature, against man’s reluctance to care for his environment”, the visibly sad Biel said.

He said he is just waiting after the November 25 special barangay elections to proceed with his plan of personally going into different barrios in both districts, to plant variety of tree seedlings, including bamboos’ along the riverbanks.

The businessman-turned public servant has been using the media to lure people to plant trees in their backyards, even going to the extent of offering free seedlings, “but unfortunately, only very few takers have heeded my call”.

At the same time, the first district three-term councilor reiterated his hope for those running for different positions in the coming barangay elections, to include in their platforms of government, programs on how to help cushion the ill-effects of climate change in their respective turfs.

These include measures on how to clean and revive their dirt-filled rivers, including planting of trees along its banks.

“Caring for our environment and all the natural things that God gave us should start from the grassroots. So let us start from cleaning and reviving our own rivers, because if we keep on neglecting it, these dirty rivers and streams will one day drown all of us,”he warned.

Biel said, “What happened in Tacloban and the rest of the Visayas is a clear manifestation that the internationally-publicized climate change is now on its worst peak that even other progressive nations worldwide are now sounding off calls for a global convention to jointly address said issue”. — Philip Abuy