Beng inspires participants in guidance counseling gab PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 28 November 2013 11:11

“Laugh often. Laughter is a great way to stay positive and upbeat. Watch a funny movie, share jokes with friends and look for the humor in everyday life.”

Thus, how Mayor Beng Climaco inspired the guidance counselors attending the two-day seminar at Ateneo de Zamboanga University during which she shared her experiences and stress managing techniques at the height of the 23-day siege last September.

She told the guidance counselors that Zamboanga City paid a high cost to defend freedom, independence and sovereignty.

“The damage was wide and expansive. The crisis did not only destroy homes and claim lives, it also caused emotional wounds, trauma and stress,” Mayor Climaco lamented. “The challenge is heal and build back trust,” she added.

She advised the guidance counselors that in times of stress “we need to listen to the little voices that seek comfort and love.” “Let us find an opportunity to talk to everyone of what troubles them, help them understand their thoughts, feelings and behavior “

“As guidance counselors you need to help people explore difficult feelings and experiences and work out some ways of living life more positively and constructively,” she said.

According to Climaco, a little stress is not always bad; it can be an effective motivator and the adrenaline that stress creates can help improve both mental and physical performances. “But too much stress can negatively affect your performance on duty, your relationships and your physical and mental health.”

The lady chief executive ended her inspirational message with some stress debriefing exercises, to the delight of the guidance counsellors. — Vic Larato