Cabatos re-affirm political supremacy in Baliwasan PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 29 November 2013 10:54

Two incumbent Cabatos in Baliwasan posted easy wins in the vote-rich Baliwasan in the recently conducted polls on the barangay level.

On a one-on-one fight for the barangay chairmanship, Jaime “Boday” Cabato, trounced his opponent who hardly managed to step the half-way mark.

Cap Boday’s lead of over 1,300 votes against incumbent first-termer Kagawad Ramon “Mimie” Fernando, is unparalleled in the political history of Baliwasan.

Fernando, then running in another group in 2007 was defeated in his first election bid. In 2010, he ran under Cabato and made it to No. 4.

On the kagawad level, younger sister Aimie Cabato easily ranked No. 1 for the second in a row.

Both triumphant re-electionists are children of electoral protestant Jimmy Cabato, who is largely believed to have been cheated of victory in the last local elections. While the patriarch Cabato was pictured as a poor tail-ender in the last May polls, in Baliwasan Cabato himself was also catapulted to the No. 1 slot, the best indication that the No. 1 is where he belongs.

The Cabato leadership in Baliwasan also took with them five of the seven slots, in this order:1. Aimie Cabato, 2. Titi Arabani, 4. Edson Uro, No. 5. Radz Ismael, and 7. Hji Meriam Akari.

Today, the conquering group baptized as Team I Love Baliwasan, is scheduled to go around the community to personally extend their gratitude to the people.

Of today’s walk, the victorious Cabato, whose catchy campaign slogan was “El Joven ta Lleva Bien ... Again! said, “Mere words would not suffice to express our thanks to the good people of Baliwasan. It should be action with proper connection, topped by speedy implementation. That, I promise to my constituents.”