AL Gonzalez and Sons loses P.5 million in daylight holdup PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 December 2013 10:51

The biggest dealer of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) in Zamboanga City lost over half a million pesos in a daring daylight holdup at its office along Veterans Avenue yesterday morning.

Five holduppers walked in quietly at AL Gonzalez and Sons Inc. before 10 a.m. and staged a holdup in that establishment.

Atty. Arsenio Gonzales, owner of AL Gonzales and Sons Inc.which is also dealing in appliances, told newsmen that he was inside his office when he heard a commotion at the appliance showroom and cashier room. He said he was later informed by his employees that a holdup was in progress.

Gonzales said some P500,000 were taken by the gunmen who sped aboard two motorcycles.

Dianne Buñol, store supervisor, told policemen that she, their collector Jaime Quis-quis and other female employees were inside the restricted area (cashier room) when they noticed five persons entering  the establishment and proceeding to the showroom area. They did not know that a gun was already pointed at their security guard who was ordered by the holduppers to drop to  the ground.

The employees told investigators that the holduppers, speaking in visayan and tagalog, demanded money from them.

From the showroom, the gunmen proceeded to the restricted cashier area where they pointed their handguns at Buñol and other employees as they were looking for money.

Quis-quis, who was holding a bag containing money,  was about to go to a nearby bank to deposit it. He tried to hide the bag under the table, but one of the gunmen fired his .45 caliber pistol on the floor as a warning shot.

The men who fired the gun then grabbed the bag, while his companions approached the table of Buñol and took more cash from her possession.

The holduppers sped aboard two motorcycles.

One of the male employees told the police that he tailed the holduppers and saw them fleeing at an interior road connecting Veterans Avenue and Nuñez Extension.

Employees said there were other customers inside the store when the holdup was staged. – Dan Toribio Jr.