Beng urges Zambo cops to know laws, rules by heart PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 09 December 2013 10:57

Mayor Beng Climaco has underscored the need for members of the Zamboanga City Police force to be aware and knowledgeable of the different laws, rules and regulations to be effective and efficient law enforcers.

This, as the mayor observed that some police personnel, who are tasked to implement local ordinances and regulations are not perfectly familiar with the laws being enforced.

“We appeal to all police personnel, they have to study all laws and procedures and if there are apprehensions they should know the basis of this and not say that it was per order or directive of [Mayor] Beng Climaco,” the mayor requested.

She said the basis of the apprehensions and other sanctions is the law that provides for the rights of the citizens and the law that guides people’s actions.

The police in coordination with City Hall through the City Administrator’s Office and other concerned departments have been strictly enforcing the law in city streets to ensure law and order. These laws to include traffic regulations, sanitary code, anti-smoking and anti-sidewalk vending rules and numerous others are based on resolutions and ordinances enacted by the City Council.

These laws have been in existence for so long a time and launching of regular campaigns for their strict enforcement are being intensified to remind constituents of their duties and responsibilities. The campaigns are done following advocacies and or information drives.

Mayor Climaco hoped that police personnel will study and know these laws, rules and regulations by heart so they will be effective law enforcers.

As this developed, the chief executive has called on law enforcers to continuously beef up security patrols as  people start to flock commercial centers, places of worship and other places of convergence in line with the Yuletide season.

“During the month of December, we ask the police to continue vigilance to ensure law and order in the city,” she stressed adding that residents are also obliged to continue supporting and cooperating with police and military authorities in peace keeping efforts. — Sheila Covarrubias