5 ARMM personnel taking photos of MNLF rebels’ detention site put under ‘verification procedure’ PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 December 2013 15:31

Police have put five human rights investigators from the ARMM under “verification procedure” after they went to the San Ramon Penal Colony and took several  pictures of the area where several MNLF rebels are detained.

A police report disclosed that five HR investigators identified as Umma Omar Edding (special investigator 1) Nasser Halapto (administrative aide VI), Hermie Omar (administrative aide VI), Al-Ghosaibi Jopli (special investigator II) and Madzsalman Cifria (enumerator) were placed under “verification” after they were seen suspiciously taking pictures of the colony, particularly on the site where the MNLF Misuari followers were detained.

The detained MNLFs were either captured or surrendered during the infamous Zamboanga siege that started on Sept. 9 in the city’s six barangays — Sta. Barbara, Sta. Catalina, Talon-Talon, Rio Hondo, Mariki and Mampang.

The five were later released when they introduced themselves as personnel from ARMM’s Human Rights department. They told the police that they were just making documentation as part of their report in connection with their duties in monitoring the MNLF rebels detained at the colony.

The police report said that Supt. Rey Dante Soledad, ground commander of the Special Security Group designated to guard the detained MNLF rebels at the penal colony, and his men called the attention of the five ARMM HR officials after they were spotted taking photos at the colony.

Considering the strict security adopted by the government on the MNLF detainees, Soledad and his men invited the five HR personnel to answer questions regarding their acts and presence in the area.

It was learned that the five HR officials made no proper coordination with the Soledad’s group when they went to the colony to take photos.

Soledad denied an earlier report that the five HR officials were arrested by his group. — Dan Toribio Jr.