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Friday, 20 December 2013 11:15

Transfer of internally displaced persons (IDPs) to temporary sites gradually continue, as the city intensifies early recovery activities and ensure that affected families can stand on their own feet.

A total of 192 IDP-families housed at the Taluksangay National High School are expected to be transferred to the Taluksangay transitory site (bunkhouses) this afternoon. No less than Social Welfare Secretary Dinky Soliman and Mayor Beng Climaco will lead the turnover of bunkhouses to the IDPs.

Last Wednesday, 71 families from various evacuation centers have transferred to the Tulungatung transitory site that eventually led to the closure of the Tetuan Central School and the Tetuan High School evacuation centers as of Wednesday. Yesterday, December 19, some 40 families to be selected out of the 128 families from Cawa-cawa, Divisoria National  High School, Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex (JEMSC), Zamboanga East and West Central School and Zamboanga National High School West were scheduled for transfer to the Rio Hondo transitory site.

On Monday, December 23, an additional 51 families from Cawa-cawa and the JEMSC Zones C and D are also set to be transferred to the Tulungatung transitory site.

So far, the city has identified four transitory sites: Rio Hondo, Tulungatung, Taluksangay and the JEMSC grandstand. As o f December 9, a total of 509 families have already been transferred—239 at the Tulungatung transitory site while 270 at the grandstand.

The Rio Hondo TS can accommodate 132 families, Tulungatung TS—935 families, Taluksangay –248 families for a total of 1,597 families to be accommodated.

These transitory sites or temporary shelters serve as provisional or temporary dwellings of IDPs while the government looks for durable solutions. Priority for transfer to temporary shelters vulnerable displaced families particularly those with sick family members, pregnant/ lactating mothers, members who are persons with disabilities, elderly members, children aged 0-5 y.o, women and child-headed households or are fire victims.

It is emphasized that these transitory sites are just temporary measuresa and that IDPs will return to their places of origin as soon as the permanent solutions are already in place. — Sheila Covarrubias