Group warns vs New Year lucky charms positive of toxic metals PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 29 December 2013 14:09

An environmental group cautioned the public from purchasing some lucky charms and related items in Metro Manila as a number of them were found positive with toxic metals on Friday.

Environmental group EcoWaste Coalition said test results showed that all of the items out of the 20 samples they bought from retail shops and ambulant vendors contained at least one harmful substance.

Among these were arsenic and cadmium, which are listed in the World Health Organization’s “Ten Chemicals of Major Public Health Concern”. Other toxic metals were antimony, chromium and lead.

The group said that the samples were bought mostly in Villalobos St. and Plaza Miranda in Quiapo, Manila and cost about P10 to P298 each.

Most of them were lucky bracelets, figurines and mobile hangings, including horse-inspired items celebrating 2014 as the year of the “green wooden horse” according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

Toxic metals, the group further said, are linked to health concerns such as reproductive abnormalities, birth disorders, developmental delays, neurological ailments, cardiovascular diseases, hormonal disruptions, behavioral problems and cancers.

Thony Dizon, coordinator of the group’s Project Protect said in a statement that manufacturers, importers distributors or vendors should be responsible for informing consumers of their items’ content.

“Lucky charms that are marketed to bring in lasting prosperity, good health and longevity should not contain injurious substances that can make people miserable and sick,” Dizon said.

“Instead of patronizing lucky charms with undisclosed toxic materials, it would be better for luck seekers to go for non-toxic tools to attract positive energy, fortune and happiness,” he added.