Renewed traffic mgt efforts starts Jan. 6 PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 03 January 2014 12:48

Following the successful implementation of the firecracker ban during the holiday seasons, City Hall through the Office of the City Administrator turns its sight towards intensifying the implementation of traffic rules and regulations for a more orderly City this 2014.

Assistant City Administrator Elmeir Apolinario has enjoined the public to observe traffic rules and driving courtesy as the office will be stricter in its traffic management efforts beginning Monday, January 6.

This is in keeping with the provisions mandated by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) traffic regulations, Republic Act 10054, and the Local Traffic Code 248.

Drivers are directed to stay on their lanes at all times, use seatbelts, observe driving courtesy and the designated fast and slow lanes, and avoidance of counterflows, reckless driving and beating the red light.

Moreover, license plates should not be obscured or tinted, and motorcycle riders must wear protective helmets.    Parking is not allowed within pedestrian lanes, intersections, along fire hydrants or highways. Drivers of both private and public vehicles should also note that loading and unloading of passengers is also not allowed in the middle of streets.

Violators will be penalized and will be issued citation tickets. Apolinario revealed that the City Administrator Office will be coordinating with the LTO in order to deputize traffic enforcers thereby allowing them to use citation tickets for traffic violators.

Further amendments to the traffic codes, including the raising of penalties, may be undertaken also in order to come up with a comprehensive and effective traffic management scheme, said Apolinario. — Jasmine Mohammadsali