Tanod wounded in accidental shooting PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 January 2014 13:53

The chief of the barangay tanod of Zambowood was wounded after the shotgun of his subordinate accidentally went off while they were pacifying a marital spat 10 minutes before 12 midnight on New Year’s eve.

Romeo Gullod y Chavez sustained pellet wounds in the body.

Before the incident, Kagawad Vivencio Narsabal, who chairs the peace and order committee in the barangay with tanods Arturo Bendinillo, Ariel Atilano and Gullod responded to a quarrel  between Pedro Estrella and his wife at their residence.

While the barangay official and the tanods were confronting him, Estrella verbally abused them and tried to grab the shotgun of Bendinillo. A scuffle ensued until Bendinillo accidentally squeezed the shotgun’s trigger. It went off hitting Gullod.

Bendinillo surrendered to the police and turned over the shotgun while Estrella escaped after the incident. – Dan Toribio Jr.