Bombo Radyo …’Ang Boses at Puso ng Pilipino !’ PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 January 2014 16:33

Coming out of a disaster filled 2013, Bombo Radyo Philippines, the Number One Radio Network in the country schedules a week-long strategic planning sessions from January 6 to 10, 2014 in Iloilo City for its yearly Top Level Management Conference 2014 to reinforce its status as the top choice of radio listeners all over the country.

This year’s conference theme BOMBO RADYO…BOSES AT PUSO NG PILIPINO places squarely the responsibility and commitment of the Network as it continues to impact the lives of the Filipino. The week long Top Level Management Conference 2014 will identify the Network’s best practices obtained through years of interaction with listeners as well as various creative innovations that will map out and ensure further enhancement of the services the Network is bringing to its listeners.

Led by media mogul and multi-business leader Dr. Rogelio M. Florete, Bombo Radyo Philippines has continued to dominate ratings, remain as the radio of choice for Filipinos from all walks of life here and abroad thus making it the top of mind choice for advertisers and politicians alike who aspire to bring their product and their advocacies into the consciousness of people whom they want to reach out to.

Dr. Florete continues to enhance the stature of the Network with his hands on brand of leadership that he is passing on to his children, Executive Vice President Rogelio C. Florete, Jr. and Senior Vice President Margaret Ruth C. Florete and in turn to the Network’s officers and rank and file. Moreover, his infectious commitment to better the quality of life of the Filipino (as clearly shown in his various business ventures meant to uplift and better the lives of the common man) has clearly made the difference in these times when media is challenged to better bring to the consciousness of our countrymen the effects of climate change and to harness responses to disaster, be they natural or man- made.

BOMBO RADYO PHILIPPINES…BOSES AT PUSO NG PILIPINO a simple statement of truth that the Network has remained anchored in its mission to speak for the Filipino, to bring their concerns to those who are in authority and make sure they are responded to. It is also an assertion of the fact that for every Pinoy, wherever he might be, Bombo Radyo Philippines remain his grounding to what is happening in his country. With Bombo Radyo Philippines, the heartbeat of the Pinoy pulsates, and will remain so as the innovations of the Network that makes world class products worthy of the numerous awards it has been cited for, will ensure that he will be in the loop of what is happening in this country and in the world 24/7. So be it news, information and entertainment, Bombo Radyo leads the way, crystallizing public opinion, furthering the democratic process and helping in nation building. Bombo Radyo Philippines’ brand of corporate social responsibility in Bombo Medico, Dugong Bombo and Oplan Kabalaka that reaches out to the poorest of the poor has also enabled the Filipino wherever he might be help to his needy “kababayan” and marshalling resources from even foreign groups to help. The Networks numerous promos has not just created many millionaires or launched unknown products to the consciousness of the consumers but nalso enabled even the most ordinary listener get a glimmer of hope to improve and better their lives. Indeed the Philippines’ radio listeners can be assured that with the sound of the drum, Bombo Radyo Philippines remains to be their voice and continue to beat in their hearts … Basta Radyo…Bombo!

Bombo Radyo is under the Florete Group which has investments in media, banking, water, property development, real estate, agri-business, pawnshops and jewelry.