Cabato to mayor: Install Perez as Peace-Order action officer PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 09 January 2014 17:31

Protesting Councilor Jimmy Cabato, elated over the stand pronounced by newly-installed ex-officio Councilor Jerry “Totong” Perez, yesterday called on Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar to install Perez as Action Officer on Peace and Order.

“We must bear in mind, ABC President Perez’s role in the City Council is limited to legislative functions. Any action he takes other than that, as based on his strong commendable words, may lead him to big unwelcome trouble,”Cabato admonished. “For Hon. Perez not to eat his words in the end, he must be clothed with specific executive functions.

Cabato explained, “Under the Local Government Code, a councilor may undertake all other duties and functions extended by the mayor as chief executive of the city, provided it is mandated by a Republic Act or an Ordinance.”

Along this line, Cabato likewise called on the members of the City Council: “As protection for your colleague Perez, act accordingly, please and with dispatch. For things as they are, Perez’s sole executive role remains as punong barangay and that ties his hands only to Putik, his limited domain.”

Cabato advised: “Transgression to other barangays in handling criminality would spell trouble for him (Perez)  as it would be usurpation of authority.”

“Madam Mayor, should you care for the safety of your loyal men, I call on you to please  clothe Councilor Perez with the appropriate authority,” Cabato said.

To Councilor Perez, Cabato said, “While admitting I singularly rooted for the victory of Kajieh Amman Nuño in the ABC polls, in the process probably even influencing son Baliwasan Barangay Captain Jaime “Boday”, we both commend your strong stance. But please heed our words, we do not want you to land into trouble. At the proper time, Strike! We share your views as these were our espousals during the recently concluded local elections where I felt and feel cheated. Good luck. ”