Beng thanks Yanga for service to Zambo City PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 January 2014 13:45

Mayor Beng Climaco has cited PCSupt. Mario Yanga for his dedication and commitment to the police service, as she thanked him for his invaluable assistance to the city of Zamboanga.

“Our gratitude to Gen. Yanga for his service to Zamboanga City,” the mayor said as Gen. Yanga retired from the police service January 12.

Yanga was designated Officer-in-charge of the Zamboanga City Police Office a month ago, vice PSSupt. Dennis Basngi. He has served four mayors of Zamboanga and being the City Director of the local police, has been monumental in his service and accomplishments.

Yanga was also a recipient of the Cavalier Award from the Philippine Military Academy (PMA), the highest PMA award for alumni.

In a briefing with all station commanders recently, Yanga reiterated the functions of the chief executive that include the suspension of erring policemen in a bid to instill discipline in the ranks.

Security is a priority of the Climaco administration and instilling discipline among policemen is believed to be one of the prerequisites to efficacy in service.

In the first few days of her administration, Mayor Climaco issued a memorandum directing and ordering the police to immediately undertake corrective and pro-active measures to address criminalities in the city and instill professionalism and discipline of all officers, personnel and subordinates under their command.

The directive issued July 5 was addressed to the Officer-in-charge, all heads of the different branches, City Public Safety Company Commander, all police station commanders, all community precinct commanders and all sector commanders—all of the Zamboanga City Police Office. — Sheila Covarrubias