Two Iranians arrested for attacking cops, newsmen PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 13 January 2014 13:46

Two Iranians were arrested and jailed for assaulting policemen and newsmen while personnel from City Hall’s Licensing Division were enforcing a closure order on their videoke bar located in front of Children Hospital and just few meters away from Southern City Colleges along along Pilar St. last Saturday afternoon.

Arrested were Mohammad Magmihi y Aliriza, 30, residing in Pilar St. and Abdelkamal Sahidaini y Aryani, 33, of Ilang-Ilang, Baliwasan.

A police report disclosed that several individuals and residents in the area have been complaining against the said videoke bar for public disturbance as it creates loud noise night and day.

The loud noise causes harm on the patients’ well-being  in the hospital as well as disturbing the classes in the school.

When City Hall personnel inspected the establishment, they found out that Lengs Carinderia owned by the Iranian nationals was being operated with expired business permit.

It was learned that based on the business permit, the videoke bar was only allowed to sell cooked food but it was found out they were also selling alcoholic beverages and operating a videoke singing machine.

When personnel of the Licensing Division were about to execute the closure order, Magmihi and Sahidaini resisted, When policemen tried to pacify them, they assaulted PO2 Aljen Julkanain and PO1 Khair Ansaruddin.

During the incident, a cameraman of RMN Zamboanga’s E-media Production rushed to  the scene and took footages of what was happening,  but he was also attacked by Magmihi and Sahidaini. They strangled the cameraman and grabbed his video camera and took it inside the videoke bar.

Magmihi and Sahidaini were arrested and brought to the city police office for investigation and filing of appropriate charges in court.

Later on it was learned that Magmihi and Sahidaini broke the video camera of E-media production and RMN Zamboanga.

While personnel of the Licensing Division were executing the closure order in the videoke bar, this reporter and the news team of RMN Zamboanga along with a cameraman continued covering the event, but a Lebanese who also owned a store in the vicinity was seen in the store of Magmihi and Sahidaini and when he saw the newsmen, he attacked and harassed them.

The Lebanese struck the hands of the E-Media cameraman as he tried to seize the equipment.

A smart phone in the hand of the cameraman which was being used in bringing live feed to RMN Zamboanga fell on the pavement as a result of what the Lebanese did.

The Lebanese also challenged this reporter to a fistfight, saying they were not afraid of Filipinos.

It was also observed that personnel of the Licensing Division had posted the Notice of Closure Order beside the door of the videoke bar but they did not padlock its door.

The videoke bar remained open and continued receiving customers despite the posted closure order.

Meanwhile, RMN Zamboanga has filed a formal complaint against Magmihi and Sahidaini for attacking the cameraman and destroying the video camera owned by the company. – Dan Toribio Jr.