Celso twits foes over City Council revamp bickering PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 January 2014 11:46

District 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat yesterday broke his silence on the issue of the recent City Council’s committee reorganization, where he was again suspected of to have masterminded, being the local Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino (LDP) city chairman.

In a long distance interview, Lobregat neither confirmed nor denied the allegations that he took part in the discussions of such revamp, benefitting only the local legislature’s majority members.

Most of the now minority councilors, were already in office, when Lobregat was city mayor, until he finished his third term in June of last year.

“Thank you for giving me too much credit. Quiere decir, mafuerza pa siempre quita,” Lobregat said, after being informed that he is being suspected again to have engineered the recent Council’s committee reorganization.

Lobregat, who has notably been hard on his political foes even during his stint as mayor, castigated the minority councilors, who are complaining of having been deprived of the right for additional committee chairmanships at the City Council.

“Ya dale ya si Beng (Climaco) canila el mano, quiere sila, hasta entero braso pa,” Lobregat said, apparently, referring to minority councilors having been given a committee chairmanship each, but are still complaining.

The 1st district lawmaker expressed no surprise, upon hearing his name being dragged again in the reorganization issue, claiming that this kind of situation does not appear new to him anymore.

“What can you expect from them. When I was mayor, they were always criticizing me and my works, and now that I am congressman, nothing has change. So there’s nothing new anymore,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde has appealed for sobriety among minority councilors.

Amid his hope for the four complaining councilors to reconsider their decisions, Iturralde said, “what happened was something for the City Council members to comprehend on. They have to understand the situation, as well as, the process that politics takes”.

Councilors Melchor Ray Sadain, Rommel Agan, Josephine Pareja, and Juan Climaco Elago, all vowed to resign as chairmen of their respective committee last Wednesday, following minor committee revamp that benefitted the majority councilors, who are already chairing more than one committee each. — Philip Abuy