Beng to form TWG for city security plan PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 20 January 2014 13:05

Mayor Beng Climaco is set to form a Technical Working group to consolidate all inputs for the coming up of a comprehensive security plan for the city.

This, as the City awaits the designation of a new Police Director who will be steering the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO).

Mayor Climaco said the City Police Office has already submitted its proposed comprehensive security plan last Wednesday, January 15.

With the Task Force Zamboanga, military and police security plans on hand, Climaco said the Peace and Order Council (CPOC) will be convened to set mechanics for the consolidation of the same.

“This will include the inputs from Councilor [Roel] Natividad and we will also get inputs of the barangays which will have its orientation soon,” the chief executive revealed.

Security, along with health and education are the priority thrusts of the Climaco administration. During her State of the City Report before the City Council last week, the mayor talked about the urgent need to craft a comprehensive security plan with the ultimate goal of ensuring safety and protection of the residents.

“El plano para tene un Comprehensive Security Plan ya impesa si Gen. Ardo junto na TFZ y necesita completa el police y el Barangay. Mucho pa que ay omenta y mucho tambien sugestion que necesita implimenta,” the mayor said in her address before the City Counci.

She disclosed that officials from the 98 barangays, through the Liga ng mga Barangay under the leadership of Councilor Gerry Perez will undergo a basic orientation seminar related to their functions specifically on their designation as incident ground commanders.

“Ta impesa ya el 2014 y este año ay trabaja kita con mucho esfuerzo, impoja el Seguridad del Vivientes. Impesa kita na campaña de Road Safety and Responsibility, el propio limpieza y sanitacion,” the mayor continued, as she directed the City Administrator’s Office to fully mobilize the city’s traffic enforcement team and other concerned personnel to strictly implement all existing laws in coordination with the police and the Land Transportation Office.

However, the mayor stressed the public also has its duties and responsibilities to perform, as the city’s efforts will be futile without the support and cooperation of the public. “Pero ta apela kita el suporta y cooperacion del publico en este esfuerzo. Todo maga establisimiente mismo na edificio del Govierno debe pone garbage cans para asigura limpio el alrededor hasta na maga escuela y evacuation centers.” — Sheila Covarrubias