2 armed thieves steal motorcycle PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 22 January 2014 13:32

Two gunmen stole a Motorstar motorcycle from a 16-year-old boy at Sitio Pook, Talabaan last Monday afternoon.

A police disclosed that Danilo Bucoy, 43, married, a habal-habal driver, was driving a Honda XRM motorcycle and was fetching two persons in the interior portion of Sitio Pook, Talabaan who told him to bring them to Sangali.

However while they were negotiating the the Pook road, Bucoy noticed that one of his passengers was drawing a handgun from his backpack. At this point, Bucoy jumped off his motorcycle and ran away while one of the two passengers shot him. Luckily the gun jammed.

Bucoy continued running and left his motorcycle behind.

Timely, Edwin Napalcruz was driving his Motorstar motorcycle with his uncle identified as Oliver Yap as backrider on their way to Sitio Balinsungay in Mercedes along Sitio Pook road.

While on their way, Yap saw the two men pushing the XRM motorcycle of Bucoy prompting him to turn his face to see the faces of the men who were acting suspiciously.

At this point, Yap saw the two men pulling a handgun and cocked it. Terrified, Yap jumped off the motorcycle causing Napalcruz to lose control of the steering bar and sending the motorbike crashing on the road.

Yap immediately grabbed Napalcruz and ran away leaving the Motorstar motorcycle.

Later on, it was learned that the two gunmen took Napalcruz’ motorcycle while the XRM motorcycle was recovered later at Sitio Pook, Talabaan. – Dan Toribio Jr.