Defective car parked outside Yubengco Mall triggers panic PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 12:41

A defective KIA Picanto car left by its driver outside a shopping mall in Putik last Sunday afternoon caused panic among residents and passersby yesterday morning thinking it was a car bomb.

Men of the City Police’s Bomb Squad rushed to the area after a concerned individual phoned and reported the presence of a suspected car bomb parked along the road fronting Yubenco Star Mall.

During a pre-blast inspection, the K-9 sniffing dog reacted by sitting on the ground four times. After that very moment, bomb experts exerted efforts to open the car and even hired a car mechanic of the KIA service center to do it.

During inspection, the flow of traffic along Lobregat highway in Putik was affected and a vehicular accident took place.

After more than an hour, the bomb experts along with the car mechanic managed to open the car and timely the driver who refused to divulge his identity arrived.

It was learned that the vehicle with plate number ZBH 829 belong to Bounty Agro Venture.

The driver told the police that he was on the way to the city proper when the car suffered engine trouble.

The driver said he informed the security guards on duty at the mall that he will leave the vehicle for several hours. – Dan Toribio Jr.