Army worms invade flower farm in La Paz PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 January 2014 13:11

The barangay council of La Paz has sought the assistance of the city agriculture office to help contain if not eradicate the army worms invasion that greatly affected the livelihood of the flower farmers in the area.

La Paz Barangay Councilman Edgar Chavez, who chairs the Committee on Agriculture, said the army worms have destroyed the flowers grown by the farmers in the area thereby affecting their means of livelihood.

Chavez said that among the flowers being grown in La Paz by an association of 30-member farmers are roses, Malaysian mums, wonder white, and several other varieties.

Chavez said the army worms’ invasion started late last year and still persists until this month.

He said the farmers seem helpless in eliminating the pest the reason why they asked the city agriculture office to intercede.

He fears that the army worms may also affect the vegetables grown by farmers in the same barangay if left uncontrolled.

Barangay La Paz, which is known as “Little Baguio” is the city’s source of flowers and vegetables. It is an upland barangay located in the city’s west coast.

The cool climate of Barangay La Paz makes it an ideal place for flower and vegetable growing. — RGAAG