Itu eyes revoking Council’s nod on Atro mining activities PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 February 2014 12:53

Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde is studying the possibility for the City Council to recall the “no objection” resolution which the legislative body granted more than three years ago, to Linktone Mining Corporation, now ATRO Mining, a mining firm which is conducting exploration activities for iron ore in the mountains of Vitali in the city’s east coast.

This, following last week’s reported contamination of river waters, including fishponds resulting to a massive fish kill, and skin infections among residents in Vitali.

Iturralde’s plan came amid heated discussions in yesterday’s regular City Council session, where councilors passed a resolution, calling for an investigation of said reports.

Forming itself into a Committee of the Whole, the City Council, through a motion of Environment Committee Chairman, Councilor Charlie Mariano, is also expected to tap the assistance of Agriculture Committee, chaired by Councilor Miguel Alavar, to determine the real cause of said water contamination.

Iturralde, who is the Council’s presiding officer, chose to inhibit from participating in yesterday’s deliberations oof said issue, citing delicadeza or sense of propriety, claiming that “how can you expect the Council from coming-out with a credible investigation, when it was the one that granted the needed no-objection resolution, allowing ATRO mining to conduct exploration activities in Vitali years ago?”.

The vice mayor explained that he would have concurred with Mariano’s motion, had his colleagues preferred an independent body to conduct such probe, “definitely, not the City Council as a Committee of the Whole”.

“In the first place, I don’t think that the City Council has the expertise in doing such investigation, considering that this kind of thing is highly technical,” Iturralde continued. — Philip Abuy