Why do they insist in making Zambo part of ARMM? — Beng PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 February 2014 11:27

Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday minced no words in saying that misguided elements who insist in making Zamboanga City a part of the ARMM and the Bangsamoro entity have caused all the sufferings of people in evacuation centers in particular and the entire residents in general.

This, even as she declared that the City Government has not been remiss in its responsibilities and even provided the best that it can to help ensure the welfare not only of those displaced by the September siege  but all the constituents of the city.

“Hinde deseo del Ciudad di aton para tene grande delubio. Si porke kita taki y si porke kita tiene evacuees, ese porcausa de cuantos maga persona, quien embes anda leba di ila bandera en paz, ya entra na Ciudad que hinde man kita parte de ARMM,” Mayor Beng Climaco said in her powerful message during the program marking the 8th Dia de Senador Roseller T. Lim at the senator’s monument along National Road in Baliwasan yesterday morning.

She continued: “Why do they always insist in making the city of Zamboanga part of the ARMM? when we the people of Zamboanga already said in two plebiscites that we do not want to be part of the ARMM. And now we are beholden because we have a lot of evacuees who are again claiming that they will have a strike 2, strike 2 for what? Have we abandoned the people of Zamboanga? Have we for a moment abandoned them?”

Climaco stressed that since the very start of the siege, the local government has provided the best it can to assist and support the evacuees. She said the local government continually hopes for the swift implementation of the rehabilitation plan with the build back better concept. “Taki siempre kita ta apela como maga huerfanos con Presidente Aquino, pabor larga el cen para puede tambien kita revive y hace mas bueno con el Ciudad,” she added.

The September siege perpetrated by MNLF forces allied to Nur Misuari displaced over 20,000 families who mostly continue to stay either in evacuation centers, transitory sites or with their relatives or rented houses. Numerous challenges beset the evacuees and these include issues on health, livelihood, education and shelter among others.

In observance of the 8th Dia di Senador Roseller Lim, Mayor Climaco thanked the illustrious son of Zamboanga for “paving the way for Zamboanguenos to eloquently speak and defend the cause of the people in the Senate” during the senate inquiry on the Zamboanga siege last Thursday, February 6.  “It is an opportunity and yet it is a challenge for us to build back a better Zamboanga”, she said stressing that all sectors and the local government unit have suffered because of the siege. “Sad to say that even at this very moment we still continue to suffer.”

She called on all residents of the city—Muslims, Christians and Lumads to continue to stay united and to do their share in helping rebuild the city.

“En este momente ta celebra kita el Dia de Senador Roseller Lim, maskin nuay man yo nace na disuyo tiempo, acorda kita pirmi, kita Zamboangueno, el Zamboanga di aton, todo kita tiene el responsibilidad para hace el major para el di aton Ciudad”, she appealed.

Present during the ceremony yesterday were District 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr., the Lim family led by Rosamie Lim, former Vice Mayor Roberto Lim, former NBI director Gil Lim and former Councilor Rudy Lim and representatives from various sectors—academe, military and the police, and religious sector. — Sheila Covarrubias