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Saturday, 19 March 2011 15:55

Retired SandiganBayan Justice Manuel R. Pamaran has confirmed his attendance as guest of honor during the grand reunion of the Pamaran clan of Lamitan, Basilan scheduled  to be held in two venues in Zamboanga City on April 30 and May 1, 2011.

Former Basilan Congresswoman Elnorita Pamaran-Tugung will introduce Justice Pamaran during the program at the Grand Astoria Hotel on April 30 where he will give an inspirational message.

As of last week, some 300 clan members from Basilan, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga del Norte, Cavite, other parts of the country and from many places abroad are have confirmed their attendance in the two-day memorable event.

The clan will give special award during the occasion to Justice Manuel Pamaran, Pedro C. Pamaran  as first municipal mayor of Lamitan and  Vice Governor of Basilan province, Cornelio C. Pamaran as the longest serving treasurer of Isabela, Basilan (27 years), Virgilio C. Pamaran as the 1st preseident of  Association of Barangay Captains of Lamitan ABC president of Basilan province (16 years) and Elnorita Pamaran-Tugung as the 1st Congresswoman of the lone district of Basilan chairperson of Autonomous Region-9’s Regional Executive Council.

The gathering will also highlight the recognition of the nearest kin and children of the late Gabino and Cayetano Pamaran, who are still living and now at their golden age.

Gabino and Cayetano Pamaran are sons of Florencia Cuevas Pamaran, sister of Pedro Cuevas also known as Datu Kalun, who was sent by the Spaniards to the San Ramon Prison and Penal Colony after committing a crime in Cavite to defend the name and reputation of the family in the 1840s.

In 1842, Pedro Cuevas escaped San Ramon prison and fled to Basilan where he fought and defeated Yakan chieftain Datu Kalun. Cuevas then adopted the name of Datu Kalun. The Yakan accepted Cuevas as their leader because he embraced the Yakan religion and way of life, married one of their women, and instituted meaningful sociopolitical changes in their lives. Datu Kalun consolidated the Yakan, led battles against the invading rulers from Jolo, and rid Basilan of pirates and marauders.

In 1895, the Sultan of Sulu sent his bravest general, Datu Julkanayin, to regain control over Basilan, only to be defeated by Datu Kalun’s forces. The ensuing peace encouraged more Christians to settle in Basilan. Thus, the Spaniards now considered Cuevas/Datu Kalun an ally and pardoned him for his earlier offense.

The arrival of the Americans in 1899 changed the situation in Mindanao. The American strategy of integration was more acceptable to the Muslims than the Spanish strategy of conversion. The new colonizers were received openly by the Muslim elite. On 19 May 1899, American troops took over the Spanish garrison in Zamboanga, one of the last strongholds of the Filipino revolutionaries in Mindanao. By December 1899, the Americans led by Col. James S. Petit occupied the Spanish naval base of Isabela de Basilan. In Basilan, an old and sickly Datu Kalun (Pedro Cuevas) supported the new colonizers.

Datu Kalun died in Basilan on July 16,1904 at the age of 58, soon after his first contract with the Americans. His nephew Gabino Pamaran became his successor and adopted the name Datu Mursalun. Mursalun, also pro-American, founded the town of Lamitan which became an American model of civil government and development. Mursalun (Gabino)  worked for the material progress of Basilan, and sought ways to fight banditry and piracy in the area. 

The oldest and living direct descendant of Gabino is Pedro Pamaran (90) who is a former vice governor of Basilan.

Clan members who wan to know more details about the Pamaran reunion may contact Oscar F. Pamaran (09069726728); Dalisay A. Albrecht (09179482154 or dalisayalbrecht@yahoo.com); Arlene Pamaran Bucoy (09062430325 or arlenebucoy@yahoo.com) ;Rowena Pamaran Mendez (wendan4him@yahoo.com) and Edwin Pamaran (09062302704)