Comelec-Manila set revision-counting of Cabato electoral case on Monday PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 15 February 2014 12:19

The revision-counting of the electoral case filed by Protesting Councilor Jimmy Cabato before Comelec-Manila is set for Monday, February 17.

In a press statement, Cabato expressed twin opposing reactions of elation and skepticism.

He said he is happy of the early Comelec action, and skeptic because of the attendant factors leading thereto.

According to the doubting Cabato, it is only now that he made this development public in the hope of down-playing the issue to avoid possible third party manipulating  the protest process.

“But to my dismay, that suspected party may have already spread its dominant tentacles and could have by now jeopardized my chances”, Cabato rued.

He said, two days ago he received official word that of the three contested clustered precincts; namely Canelar, Talisayan and Cabatangan, the latter has been sent unnoticed to Manila on the 15th July of last year, and in the ensuing days until the 19th, subject ballots were reported counted without any watcher from his side.

“Now,” Cabato lamented, “the sanctity and integrity of the contested Cabatangan ballots could be imperiled.”

“Who can ever tell at this stage whether the ballots are corrupted or has remained unpolluted.” he added.

He said his counsel may have the right to object to the inclusion of the Cabatangan results, but they fear that such move could only lead to the resetting of the revision-counting of ballots to only God knows when.

“I, therefore leave my fate now to God, because from all indications, the seeming prostituted process is very well-orchestrated, giving impressions that all  concerned departments, divisions and offices, could be into it.” Cabato assumed.

He elaborated with dismay that the shipment of the contested Cabatangan cluster to Manila could not have been consummated unless there were unseen hands directing the craftsmanship, or was it trickery?

The dejected Cabato stressed that he finds it impossible for local  Comelec officials to simply deliver in person the Cabatangan cluster that are under protest, triply-sealed as it was and bearing witnesses’ signatures, without knowing that subject item is one of the three contested clusters.

“Because of these attendant factors, I raise my hands to the Lord, and leave my fate to Him.”

He concluded that he will accept whatever results that may come out of his protest, “For I have no other choice. God bless them.”