Ecozone export value index shoots up in ’13 Print
Sunday, 16 February 2014 17:00

The ZAMBOECOZONE export value index showed a remarkably steady upcurve all throghout 2013 as compared to the fugures of 2012 and 2011.
Year end figures supplied by the ZAMBOECOZONE Enterprise Services Section reports the total export value for 2013 at US$ 3.6 million. Compared with the 2012 export value figure of US$ 1.04 million, it translates to a significant 251% increase.
Suprisingly, the export value figures of 2012 exhibited a outstanding increase as compared to the total export value index of 2011 ofUS$ 148 thousand, which interprets to an impressive 604% increase.
The continuous rise in export value figures is attributed to the excellent performances of two of the biggest exporting enterprises in the ZAMBOECOZONE, Seachamp International Export Corporation (SEIC) and CTK Rubber Corporation (CTK).
SEIC is a wholly export oriented company engaged in the processing, manufacturing and distribution of processed marine products, specifically Octopus and Sillago Fish. SEIC exports its products to the USA, Thailand and Mexico. The Filipino-owned company currently employs nearly a hundred permanent employees in its seven-day-a-week operations. SEIC utilizes the  HACCP or Hazard analysis and critical control points operation program, which is a systematic and preventive approach to food safety and biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes, preparation processes, and distribution systems.
CTK Rubber Corporation is engaged in the processing, manufacturing and export of technically specified natural rubber exclusively to South Korea. The processed rubber is primarily used in the production of rubber tires in Korea and in turn is exported around the globe. To date, CTK engages the services of 35 semi and highly skilled workers in their two-hectare plant at the ZAMBOECOZONE 2nd Industrial Park.
The export value figures is expected to rise dramatically in 2014 with all the indicators predicting a steady rise in demand and uninterrupted production.As of February 6, 2014, the export value summary of January, 2014, showed a total sum of over US$ 526 thousand, which suggest a year end figure of over US$ 6.3 million,if the trend continues, or an estimated increase of nearly 100% when compared to the figures of 2013.
The ZAMBOECOZONE Enterprise Services Section’sspreadsheet also revealed equally impressive figures in the Bring-in Local Materials column for 2013 and the first month of 2014. The total sum for 2013 wasPhp 726.9 million, compared with the total sum of 2012, which was pegged at Php 181.2 million, or an increase of over 300%.
But the more significant figure was that of the January, 2014Bring-in Local Materials value of over Php 101 million, which would correspond to a year-end estimated sum if more than Php 1.2 billion, or a projected increase of over 66% as compared with the figures of 2013.
At present, ZAMBOEOCOZONE and freeport has 15 registered locators from varied industries such as manufacturing, processing, utilities and facilities operator, farming estate, management and support services, warehousing, restaurant and catering services, and power generation.