Man with fake money probed PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 22 February 2014 13:14

A 40-year old man was was caught in possession of suspected counterfeit money bills in Recodo the other day.

Police said Alvier Ibrahim y Abubakar, residing at a resettlement site in Tulungatung.bought some commodities from the store of Jackri Jala Sanaani at Purok 3B, Recodo using a P500 bill. When he left the place, Sanaani found out that the P500 bill was a fake.

Few hours later, Ibrahim returned to Sanaani’s store and asked for a pack of cigarettes, but the store owner recognized him as the one who paid a fake P500 bill.

Sanaani sought the assistance of the police resulting in the arrest of Ibrahim.

During investigation, policemen recovered from Ibrahim  four P500 bills and two P1,000 bills believed to be fake.

Ibrahim was placed under investigation while the confiscated bills were forwarded to the Central Bank for proper examination. – Dan Toribio Jr.