Driver bares details of wicked plot to kill Petron depot worker PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 25 February 2014 13:12

A company driver who submitted to the police as witness to the gunslaying of a checker of the Petron oil depot in Suterville last February 17, has revealed dreadful details of the wicked plot to kill the latter.

Robert Clavecilla, a driver of the Petron Depot turned himself to the police to testify against their superior and two gun-for-hire whom he pointed to as responsible for the killing of co-worker Joey Malaki y Mabolo.

In an interview with DZT, Clavecilla said that almost a week after Malaki was shot and killed in Suterville, he decided to come out in the open to give justice to the victim who happened to be his friend aside from being a co-worker in the company.

“I went to the police to divulge everything because of my conscience,” Clavecilla said.

Because of Clavecilla’s revelation, police were able to arrest the alleged mastermind — Ruben Clemente, who is holding a high position in the Petron depot, Guillermo Sasabo, the alleged gunman and his cohort Joebert Delos Reyes, the driver of the get-away motorcycle.

The suspects were arrested during a follow-up operation last Saturday.

Yesterday, police took the three suspects along with Clavecilla to the city prosecutor’s office for the inquest proceeding for murder case.

Clavecilla was included in the recommendation of the case but he presented himself as “star witness”.

A police source said that it will be the court that will decide whether or not to grant Clavecilla’s request to become witness. He also executed a sworn statement against the suspects.

Clavecilla recalled that sometime in January, Clemente talked to him and asked him to look for hired-killers.

He said that he approached Sasabo and Delos Reyes who accepted the assassination job.

Clavecilla said that Clemente gave him P10,000 and a .45 caliber pistol to use in the killing of Malaki.

He said he immediately delivered the P10,000 and the gun to Sasabo and Delos Reyes.

A surveillance was conducted by Sasabo and Delos Reyes for almost a month until last February 17 around 8 a.m. they accosted Malaki who was on his way to work aboard a mountain bike along Suterville where they shot him to death.

Malaki succumbed to a gunshot wound in the head.

Clavecilla said that Clemente gave him the balance of P40,000 to complete the P50,000 payment for the killing of Malaki after he was killed.

Clavecilla then brought the money to Sasabo and Delos Reyes.

However, DZT gathered that Clavecilla took some amount from the P40,000, the reason why Sasabo and Delos Reyes got angry at him.

Realizing that his life was in danger, Clavecilla decided to submit himself to the police and tell the lawmen everything he knows. – Dan Toribio Jr.