Cabato reluctant to pursue poll protest PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 February 2014 13:47

Wary of the odds stacked against him, Jimmy Cabato said in a press statement that he is reluctant in seeking the nullification of the Cabatangan votes, even with the vehement insistence of his family, particularly Baliwasan Barangay Captain-son Jaime “Boday” Cabato and upon the strong advice of Atty. Gian Paolo Enriquez, his pro bono counsel.

The Cabato camp came up with the statement in response to consistent queries on his protest standing.

It will be recalled, under extremely questionable premises the contested Cabatangan ballot box, per Comelec-Zamboanga certification, was personally delivered to Comelec Manila by District 1 Election Officer Jesus Alvin Lim, admittedly opened and votes counted supposedly for the party list candidates.

That and all with neither protestant Cabato nor his counsel ever informed of the Comelec actions, the Cabato camp rued, “leaving us with no watchers during delivery time and opening of the protested cluster precincts.”

“From all indications, those Comelec moves could have all been clearly orchestrated by unseen hands,” the statement pointed out.

Therefore, the Cabato camp added, “How could we ever expect fair play in a protracted protest when as things appear and if correct, Comelec is highly suspect to be part and parcel of an evil scheme.”

The Cabato camp laid down in detail the highly questionable Comelec moves:

1. Shipment to Manila was without advice to protestant nor to his counsel

2. The Comelec Election Officer knew that the Cabatangan cluster precincts were under protest and tightly sealed. He should have informed Comelec Manila so.

3. That the Cabatangan votes were to be counted for the party list tabulation. Absurd! How can one cluster decide the fate of the party-list. What about the two others that are likewise under protest, namely Canelar and Talisayan? Funny.

4. The tallied results showed disparity in statistics.

A) In Talisayan, where the cluster had 5 precincts, Cabato won by only a margin of 28 votes

B) In Canelar that had 6 precincts, Cabato again led, but by only 33 votes for a total 61 in 2 clusters

C) In Cabatangan with only 5 precincts, Bayot massacred Cabato by a whooping 59 votes margin. Whew! 61 in two and 59 in one. Believe it or not.

The Cabato camp posed a question, “against all these factors, will Comelec ever grant our petition for the nullification of the Cabatangan votes?