Bar brawl: 1 dead, 1 hurt PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:05

A 29-year-old man was killed while his foe was wounded during a rumble that ended up in a bloody confrontation outside a disco pub at dawn yesterday.

Killed was Simon Carido y Aizon, singlem of Mercedes. Wounded was Yasher Jundam y Bakil, 23, of Tetuan.

Jundam’s companions identified as Adzramel Jimlani, 24, of Pasonanca, Arnulfo Serna, 27, and Mark Alister Hinuat, 24, both of Tugbungan, were arrested.

A police report disclosed that Carido and three companions were drinking in one table and Jundam and his group were seated on another table at the Las Vegas Beer Garden along Gov. Camins Avenue.

Moments later, one of the club’s dancers complained that Jundam’s group uttered nasty words against her.

When Jundam and company went out of the bar, Carido and his three companions stood up and tailed them outside to confront them regarding the dancer’s complaint

Amid the confrontation, Carido pulled out a .45 caliber pistol and shot Jundam in the stomach. At this point, Jundam’s companions attacked Carido and grabbed his .45 caliber pistol. One of Jundam’s companions shot Carido in the body.

Carido was rushed to the Zamboanga City Medical Center where he expired while undergoing treatment while Jundam was taken to the Ciudad Medical Zamboanga where he underwent medication.

Jimlani, Serna and Hinuat were arrested during a follow-up operation and were placed under police custody.

Police have readied charges against Jundam and his three companions.

Meanwhile, Felimon Sotto y Faustino, 48, married of Sitio Taloptap, Vitali was shot to death around 5:21 p.m. last Tuesday afternoon.

The gunman escaped. — Dan Toribio Jr.