Rotating blackouts down to 5 hours – Zamcelco PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 March 2014 13:12

The nine long hours of blackouts that have been pestering the city have been mercifully cut down to five starting yesterday as the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative successfully completed all requirements paving the way for the delivery of an additional 15 megawatts of power from Alson’s Mapalad Diesel fired power plant in Iligan City.

This was formally announced yesterday by Zamcelco President Omar Sahi in an interview over the program Dateline Teleradyo over GBPI Channel 11 and on Magic 95.5 fm radio.

Sahi told hosts Ronnie Lledo and Ed Banos Zamcelco hopes to bring in seven more megawatts from another IPP in the coming days ahead to do away with brownouts completely by then.

Mapalad will now be delivering a total of 18-megawatts to Zamcelco to augment its meager power allocation from the problematic Mindanao grid to meet its huge electricity demand during peak hours.

Zamboanga City tops 80 megawatts at peak consumption while it currently gets 60 or less MWs  from the grid due to distribution problems encountered by the National Grid Corp. of the Phils (NGCP).

Until now no official word from NCGP has been given as to what triggered the power shutdown in Mindanao several days ago.

Sahi said all documentation were completed last Friday yet but delivery timeline called for a protocol in the power input to the grid which set back delivery by a couple of days.

Sahi also said Zamcelco is awaiting clearance from the ERC on the power rate adjustments it will have to impose if Zamcelco gets delivery of seven more megawatts it hopes to latch on soon.

The cooperative has agreed to purchase the additional power from Crystal Sugar bio fuel power plant in Bukidnon.

Crystal Sugar according to President Sahi is owned and operated by Pablo Lobregat, brother of Cong. Celso Lobregat who offered to sell excess power to the city, Sahi added.

With the additional seven megawatts from Crystal Sugar, the power firm here can lift the rotating brownouts already.

He said hopes are the ERC can facilitate the approval by next week so Crystal Sugar can likewise start delivery of additional power to the city.

Sahi added that Zamcelco will also push its plan to acquire the modular 16-megawatt generating set and hopes to put it in operation by July of this year.

Sahi said Zamcelco has been working hard to ease the power lack in the city by contracting power elsewhere as the Mindanao grid has over the years provided insufficient power to consumers in the region.

“We would like to assure our people, your Zamcelco will work hard to provide ample power to everyone in the years to come, Sahi said.