Lilia: Women have become a phenomenon for peace PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 08 March 2014 13:13

District 2 Zamboanga City Representative Lilia Macrohon-Nuño said the work of women on peace is a rising phenomenon, citing their active participation in the many aspects of peacebuilding efforts in the country.

“The women of today have a particular courage, that which is a product of wisdom and intelligence, of active engagement in dialogues for peace, of reaching out, of listening, of spreading the understanding that peace is the only way to progress and prosperity,” Nuño said in a privilege speech before the members of the House of Representatives.

Nuño said that women have turned into passionate peacemakers, “armed only with the wisdom that peace is better than war,” as she also said that “women have helped change the face of bravery, from the arms-wielding defenders of yesteryears to putting a stop to being victims of war.”

In her speech, she recalled the stories of mothers and children, who, in those days of great conflict, would risk life and limb to return to their homes in war-torn villagesjust to get their children something to eat.

“Such was the strength of mothers ...the core of a woman’s strength, to take care of another life, to look after another human being,” Nuño said.

“You [Women] have become agents of peace, speaking up for yourselves and for other women and children. Your voice in peacemaking has never reverberated this strong,” she said.

“And your voice shall be heard even more in the days to come,” she said, citing women who have sat and are sitting in the table of peace negotiations. “You will be actors again, who will help reconstruct families, their neighborhoods, and their communities and help rebuild their lives because was is out and peace is in,” she added.

Nuño’s privilege speech came ahead of the celebration of the annual National Women’s Day, tomorrow, March 8.

“We have been celebrating the National Women’s Day for almost three decades now. Though shorter by 70 years than the number of years the International Women’s Day has been commemorated, those 30 years of salutations for the women in this country have a lot to tell us: women, you have become a phenomenon,” Nuño said.

Addressing the 64-strong women of the House of Representatives, Nuño called on her fellow lady lawmakers to continue to work toward achieving just and lasting peace not only in Mindanao but in the entire country.

“Let us listen with our hearts to the calls for peace. Let us go out and explain to the people, to our children, to our families, to our communities, to our fellow women, what peace brings. Already peacebuilders in our own right, as lawmakers, let us actively participate in the peace process,” Nuño said.

Nuño made the call as she appealed to the lawmakers to face the challenge that comes with the task when the Bangsamoro draft bill finally arrives at the Lower House. “Let us look forward to the task that is to come, as we face the challenge that comes with it, with open hearts and minds,” she said.

Let us be expectant of the peace to come, Nuño said, even as she also cited the women in Congress for already leaning in, “poring over the documents of the peace agreement that are already before us, to asking questions and seeking answers even at this stage of the process.”

“My fellow women in this chamber, we have a lot to celebrate about. To take pride on. To be hopeful for. To work harder, especially for peace,” she said.

Nuño also asked the women solons to “continue to take advantage of that much-deserved seat in peace tables so our voices will always be heard.”

“After all,” she said, “we ‘hold up half of the sky,’as the United Nations reminds us.”

“And so, I congratulate the ‘Juanas’ in the House today, in the past, and in the future: Angtatag mo at tatagnatinsapagbangon at pagsulong,” referring to the theme of the National Women’s Day..