Biggest enemy in Zambo City is apathy — Soliven PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 March 2014 11:05

“We are what we want to see. We are part of the whole Zamboanga.Security is every peace loving  Zamboangueno’s responsibilty.”

Thus said  Pocholo Soliven, regional governor of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Inc. (PCCI) for Western Mindanao, in reference to the peace and order and security problem that Zamboanga City is facing.

“Enough is Enough Movement is not only a wake up call to our police and military sector  and the LGU leadership on the worsening law and order concerns of the City, said Soliven in a press statement.

Soliven is one of the lead convenors of the Enough is Enough Movement.

He said Enough is Enough is addressed to the entire peace loving Zamboangueños who have long been terrorized and living in fear and anxiety.

“We have had enough of passivity and apathy. Zamboangueños’ biggest enemy are not only the criminals and terrorists, but apathy,” Soliven pointed out.

He echoes the call of more than 15 influential Multi sectoral NGOs and institutions to come up with a comprehensive Master Security Plan that will engage a multi sectoral participation with a multi dimensional approach.

“A ‘Whole of the City’ approach is necessary with a sense of urgency to restore and sustain law and order in Zamboanga City,” Soliven said.

Soliven who is also the regional advisory chairman of PNP PRO-9 envisions to transform the PNP through the Performance Governance System to make Zamboanga City and the entire region a safer place to live ,work and do business..

“Our aim is to address the following 1. Incorrect reporting of crime statistics and crime solution efficiency 2.Ineffective, less motivated and undisciplined police personnel 3.Inadequate logistical capability 4. Poorly maintained facilities 5. Perception /confidence to the Police cause of lack of support from the community 6. low police to population ratio 7. Poor information and intelligience gathering/sharing.

Soliven calls for more recruitment of police personnel to improve police to population ratio, convergence with other law enforcement agencies and LGU’s to address the presence of lawless elements , engage the participation of the community and different stakeholders in the city, formulate a clear cut policies on career, growth and succession planning in the PNP.

“ I hope these gaps and weaknesses will be addressed once the comprehensive Master Security Plan is in place for implementation and cascaded for execution. Then we will measure it through the Performance Governance System indicators, Soliven said. — PCCI WM  Media Bureau